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CAN Tyre Pressure Monitoring System




This TPMS system easily connects to your car's data system via CAN. It monitors both tyre pressure and temperature, allowing you to set alarms for low or high pressure, see when operating pressures have been reached, predict hot and/or cold pressure requirements, and measure tyre performance. Far more accurate that pit lane measurements, this system lets you see and analyse your on track performance.

External sensors require CR1632 batteries and screw onto standard valve stems. 

This system is a CAN output only. It will work with any data system that accepts CAN inputs and has the availability of a CAN input.

Please note unlike road version of systems those have a higher transmission rate 1s (road version 1 minute)

Main Features:

- Real-time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring, with 4 tyre data able to be displayed and logged on the Ecumaster ADU.

- Accurate and durable: with advanced and professional technology, ensure the stable signal and accurate data


TPMS Receiver:

- Working voltage: DC 5V-25V

- Working current: less than 15mA

- Working frequency: 433MHz

- Working temperature: -40 - 85 Deg.C