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Turbo / Exhausts

G25-550 Garrett Turbo 0.72 AR


G25-660 Garrett Turbo 0.72 AR


G30-770 Garrett Turbo 0.61 AR


Nortech 1.25"NB 1.8t Tubular exhaust manifold V-BAND 1.8t 20v


Nortech 1.5"NB 1.8t Tubular exhaust manifold V-BAND 1.8t 20v


3" External Wastegate Downpipe with 45mm Dump Tube


GEN-V WG45 HYPER-GATE 45 (14psi)


K04-380 Hybrid K04 Package (AET K04-380, V2.2 TIP)**not including chinafold**


Nortech 1.25"NB TFSI Tubular exhaust manifold V-BAND 2.0 TFSI


3 Port Mac Valves


Ceramic Coating Turbo Hotside


Ceramic Coating Manifold (4cylinder 1.25" & cast)


Ceramic Coating Manifold (4cylinder 1.5")


Stainless EGT boss to allow OEM egt probe to be used


K04-02x Audi S3/TT/Leon Cupra R, BW turbo fitment, threaded inserts **EACH**


TurboSmart Vee Port Pro BOV


Turbo Recirculation Valve with Adjustable Vacuum Port


AET Turbos 1.8T 20V Hybrid K03 Turbo (K03-300)


Forge K04-02x Diaphragm Actuator (yellow spring ~15psi)


K04-023 EGT Blank


Ceramic Coating Downpipe


Valve Service Kit


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