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  • NEW Vtech Linked 4x4 Rolling Road Dyno and bespoke Dyno Cell in our new facility featuring 2 x 7.5kw variable speed cooling fans, 3 x 20,000m3/h cell extraction fans, 2 x 2500m3/h exhaust extraction fans, giving a dyno cell volume air change every 8 seconds.  Steady state tuning from its twin eddy brakes, road sweep testing, allowing full new engine running in abilities under a super controlled cell.  This is state of the art equipment. This opens the doors to "full time quattro" cars, A4,A6 etc, and other brands like BMW, AMG A45 etc being a Linked 4x4 dyno.

  • NEW bFlash Master ecu remapping/reflash/diagnostics/logging tool to complement the Alientech Kess Master flash tool, working with our EVC Winols, and EVC ols300 emulator, we have all the tools required to remap your car.

 - The Badger5 team


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Leaders in VAG/VW/AUDI/SEAT 1.8t 20v Turbo engine tuning and performance builds. Specialists is high horsepower, big turbo builds and parts supply.