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Badger5 started unofficially in 1997 whilst evolving a throttle system for my own VW Jetta 16v, which was used for sprints. The original throttle system was a slide throttle which, although it worked well, was a high maintenance system needing constant attention to prevent friction and maintain smooth operation. At that time the DTA ecu was investigated, along with the many other programmable ECU offerings, and was settled upon (and ever since) due to its very well written mapping software, which "demystifies" the world of mappable engine management systems. Combined with its fully featured ECU's, which boast 4 cylinder 8 injector support, launch control, antilag, traction control etc... and much more, the Badger5 conversion kits for 16v VW/Seat/Audi form the basis of our product range.

Running as complimentary products to our DTH 16v VW throttle's and Full kits, are a full range of DCOE, IDA, IDF & Single throttle bodies to suit most applications. Sizes from 40mm through to 50mm bore are available, combined with a full accessories list.

Present Day we are now one of the Leading VW/Audi Tuners of the 1.8t Platform Cars, regularly producing 600bhp road & track cars, from purpose bespoke built Stroker 20v engines, tubular exhaust manifolds, hybrid GT35 turbos, etc etc...  Its all boosted fun :)

The Badger5 website was launched late 1997 as a venture into the phenomenal www world. It was via the internet that Badger5 grew from a VW enthusiasts homepage, into Badger5 Ltd.

From our early experimentation days of applying race car throttle systems onto "everyday" fast road/race cars, we were overwhelmed with the interest shown by others on how and where they too could get such a system. At that time our initial slide design was sidelined for a more reliable and cost effective throttle body product. The next 18 months to 2 years was spent identifying the specification and designing & refining the Direct to Head throttle bodies into the product we have today. Power gains now exceed the original prototype model and customer cars will regularly achieve over 200bhp from their modified 16v VW/Seat/Audi engines. These engines are not all out screaming racers though, and will idle normally, start from cold and drive like regular cars UNTIL, that is, you press the loud pedal... and then you HANG ON and grin!



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