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TVS Engineering DSG Mapping

Looking for the best option when it comes to software for your DSG Gearbox ? Look no further. We at Badger5 are pleased to be able to offer software from TVS Engineering, all from your local home of VAG Tuning and Development based in Gloucestershire county.  With prices starting from £257 inc VAT there's no reason not to get involved and improve your driving experence.

Since 2005 TVS Engineering has remained the pioneer in developing DSG software solutions. Currently they offer the best and widest ranging DSG software upgrades available on the market. Not only the strongest and most powerful ‘off-the-shelf’ and fully customizable software solutions, but also the best possible durability and drivability upgrades. From silky smooth drivability upgrades to fully customizable record-breaking race applications, TVS DSG software covers it all!

TVS DSG software always focuses on the overall driving experience.The goal is always to increase the gearbox capacity and performance to the maximum without sacrificing reliability or drivability.

The covered range of hardware 

  • DQ200
  • DQ250
  • DQ380 / DQ381
  • DQ500
  • DL382
  • DL501

Levels Of Tune

  • Driveability
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 2 +
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4

Software Features / Options 

Improved Drivability

  • Optimised D Shift Program
  • Optimised S Shift Program
  • Optimised M Shift Program
  • Improved Clutch Control
  • Vibration Bump reduction

Life Extender Options

  • 1st Gear de- or reactivation (optional)
  • Improved clutch cooling
  • Improved thermomanagment

Performance Options

  • Increased maximum clutch pressure
  • Necessary torque limiters raised
  • Improved up- and downshifting speed (D+S+M mode)
  • Improved shifting paddles response
  • Improved take off (D+S+M mode)
  • Improved torque reduction during shifting (D+S+M mode)
  • Automatic upshift deactivation (optional) ( Full Manual )
  • Automatic downshift deactivation (optional)
  • Kick-down deactivation (optional)
  • Customised Upshift Set points
  • Customised Downshift Set points
  • Race mode without torque reduction (optional)
  • Special race clutch characteristics calibration
  • Special anti judder take-off functionality

Launch Control

  • Launch control activation (Selected Boxes)
  • Improved launch control response time for quicker launching
  • Multi-step LC RPM limits
  • Different LC modes for D/S/M mode
  • LC with ESP ON activation
  • Boost on Launch mode (included "rally sound")


  • Gear Display Indicator (MFA) activation
  • Reduced engine braking
  • Coasting disabling