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06A Stroker Crank (OE-with 1.8t oil drive gear fitted)




OE VW Crankshaft 92.8mm stroke with 1.8t oil drive gear fitted for "Stroker" 1.8t builds - NEW Original Part

STROKER ENGINE BENEFITS : Stroking your 1.8T engine to 2.0L provides quicker turbocharger spool, increased off boost power and torque, and more power and torque per pound of boost. Stroking the engine will also lower cylinder pressures, allowing you to stretch pump gas further. This allows more aggressive tuning delivering more power output on the same octane.

Increasing the displacement of your 1.8T engine to 2.0L (2008cc) using a 2.0L stroker crankshaft requires 83mm bore 92.8mm stroker pistons and matching 144X20mm connecting rods.