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Badgerspec 1. 8T Performance Cams



Our Badgerwagen "spec" cams for 1.8t, Now available for customers. Proven in the Seat Ibiza Badgerwagen since 2005, now made available for sale.

Example "customer" car, S3 2.0 'stroker' GT35, on Stock cams making 451bhp/357lbft and fitting in these "drop in" cams, with no other change, improved power to 564bhp/408lbft a Whopping 113bhp gain, and 51lbft

These cams have been Engineered to work with Std Piston clearance cars, With Active VVT also..  Dyno tests on smaller Frame turbo, k04 hybrid did not yield any gains at all. Advised to run with suitable valvetrain upgrades but functional on std valve gear also.

There are going to be best suited to larger turbo builds and power levels, GT30+ for example and power levels already in excess of 400bhp.