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SEM Inlet Manifold (20v )



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Largeport + 80mm Hemi thottle body fitment only!

These Manifolds need no introduction! 


  • 100% engineered, designed, & cast in Canada
  • Constructed from A365-T6 Aluminum & Heat Treated
  • 3/16 Uniform Thick Wall construction to facilitate Strength, Rigidity and Reliability.
  • Plenum features 2.75L of internal volume for increased flow capacity to supply enough volume for higher rev limits.
  • Tapered Plenum Design to supply equal flow distribution and to improve transient boost response.
  • Shallow profile design to maintain lower CG (Center of Gravity); Will accommodate various 1.8T swaps.
  • Integrated V-Stacks to induce optimum flow velocity throughout the rev range.
  • Large ID & Calculated Runner Length to support higher peak HP.
  • Fuel Injector Bungs are designed and located to facilitate optimal port runner flow & optimal fuel atomization.
  • Cast as Small Port but Designed to Accommodate Standard AEB Port.
  • 80mm TB Sized Flange opening
  • Bracket Mount Bosses for under-intake bracket assembly.
  • Vacuum Port Bosses and IAT Boss are all located beneath the manifold for a more clean aesthetic look.
  • Underside Vacuum Port drilled and tapped for supplied NPT Fittings.