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Hurricane, I-Beam, RD, 144mm x 20mm



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  • I-Beam section connecting rods
  • Rifle Drilled
  • Forged from AISI 4340 (En24) steel
  • ARP2000 fasteners

Upgrade to ARP 625 Series Bolts Available (+£226.91 plus vat)
Please contact us for upgrade. 

OPTIONAL: Enhanced End to End Balanced to within 0.5g for the ultimate smooth balanced engine (choose option above)

Engine Type All 1.8 20v Turbo Engines
Length C/C 144.00mm
Small End Diameter 20.00mm
Small End Width 25.00mm
Big End Diameter 50.60mm
Big End Width 25.00mm


Connecting rods not only affect how your engine fits together. They also play a role in engine performance and longevity.
When looking at your engine's output and performance, it's also important to look into the type of connecting rods best suited for your needs. For example, a large amount of torque will yield heavy compression and bending loads on connecting rods. Higher rpm's on the other hand cause mostly tensile loading or stretching forces.
These Hurricane I-Beam steel forged rods are made from High Carbon 4340 steel, making them one of the best choices to use in highly modified competition applications.

Connecting Rod Bolts
These bolts are the single highest stress fastener in your engine and inferior bolts are particularly prone to failure under high tensile loads. This is why we choose ARP2000 bolts. ARP2000 is a heavily alloyed martensitic quench and temper steel. It's very stable at high temperatures, and its properties allow it to be tempered to a higher Rockwell without becoming brittle like 8740 and 4340 would be. ARP200 has a strength between 200,000 and 220,000 psi and is an upgrade from 8740. Always follow the manufacturers instructions for tightening, lubrication and care.