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1000cc (@4bar) Bosch Fuel Injector Set ( 4 )





1000cc @4bar  Bosch fuel injector. EV14 length (with adaptor) - suitable for 1.8t (not aeb/agu without top hat spacers - order here)

Flow tested and matched set of 4 Injectors. 

You used to be able to rely on the Bosch in house batching of these injectors ( Grouped by their Coloured Dots ) This batching no longer seems to occur and injectors arrive unmarked. This can mean as much as 8% deviation from injector to Injector. 

as a result of this, we now flow test , batch and match these injectors into sets of 4. This is done using ASNU injector testing rig to within 1cc ( the lowest measurable value ).

EV14S length when used with the supplied nose adapters.