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Ignitron Ecu EGT Amplifier



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EGT Amplifier board for use with k-type thermocouples.

Ignitron EGT amplifier is a small electronic circuit which can be used to interface a K-Type thermocouple to a measuring device or Engine Control Unit. It incorporates a precision thermocouple amplifier (Analog Devices AD8495) with cold juncion temperature compensation. Its operating voltage is between 10V and 16V, the power input is reverse battery, load dump protected and the output is short circuit protected! The output signal has an impedance of 300 Ohms, 0V represents 0C, 5V represents 1200C EGT (1V / 240C). Output goes to 5V (or higher) if the thermocouple circuit is open.

This EGT amplifier has to be used with Ignitron ECU as it has a relatively low output impedance which is required by the ECU!