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Our Tuning

No Matter what vehicle you're driving, a custom ECU map is usually the simplest and most effective way of increasing your vehicles performance.  During a map we recalibrate the software responsible for managing the control of your vehicles engine, in doing so we are able to increase the torque and horsepower output from the engine, along side other benefits such as better throttle response.

Our Philosophy 

When It comes to tuning, you as the customer are gauranteed to face an onslaught of advertisements and shiny pictures designed primarily to extract the cash from your pocket. We at Badger5 have some core values that we hold close no matter what work we are undetaking. We believe in good, hard, honest work. We also believe in delivering reliable performance enhancements that stand the test of time.

Unlike the flashy ads and deceptive images flooding the tuning market, Badger5 is committed to providing customers with not just a service or product, but an experience grounded in integrity and genuine craftsmanship. Our core values of hard work and honesty guide every aspect of our tuning process, ensuring that you recieve not only the performance you desire but also peace of mind in knowing that your investment is backed by a commitment to quality and authenticity. 

Scope Of Standard ECU Tuning

So what do we cover ? We are strongly grounded within the german car market with over 20yrs experience on the tuning and modification of VAG group cars. From our business conception in the early 2000s we have excelled in providing comphrensive tuning and hardware packages.

For Most VAG Group cars, we cover Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Big Turbo Conversions.

For Most German Car Manufacturers ( BMW, Mercedes etc ) we cover vehicles newer than 2008 for Stage 1 Mapping.    

It can be noted that the vehicles that will yield the highest improvements in performance figures will be turbocharged petrol/diesel vehicles, that isnt to say that there aren't Naturally aspirated cars that can benefit from our services. But the naturally aspirated vehicles generally benefit more from drivability improvements than outright horsepower gains. 

Standalone ECU Tuning

So what is a standalone ECU?  Standalone ECUs are aftermarket control units designed to replace your vehicles standard control system, Either through modification to the existing wiring loom to accept a different electrical plug suited to the replacement ECU, or through a Plug and Play System. Standalone ECUs are generally utilised when the power/engine modifications to the vehicle are very far outside of the vehicles original state. There are several Reasons why you may want, need or choose to go down the route of using a standalone ECU. We can gain greater flexibility over the control of key aspects of the tuning, such as injector control ( including multi/ extra injectors ) ignition timing including strategies, Boost control and safety aspects relating to this. 

We cover a wide range of standalone ECU Manufacturers, again with over 20yrs experience dealing with aftermarket units, the list below details just some of those we cover.  

  • Ignitron ECU
  • ECU Master Classic / Black / Pro
  • Emerald K3/K6/K6+
  • DTA Fast
  • SCS Delta
  • Omex
  • Link
  • Vipec
  • Haltech

This is not an exhaustive list, and there is a good chance we may cover your chosen ECU.  Please do Contact Us to discuss your needs.