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K03/K03s Manifold Porting (Service)




We can port your k03/k03s stock exhaust manifolds (as pictured) which, when combined, can allow up to +20bhp gains on K03 hybrids of suitable 300bhp spec.

There is currently a long lead time for these - if urgent please contact us prior to ordering

Once power increases from other methods have been maxed-out to a point, head porting can be a great next step to producing another incremental power jump.
Couple head porting with a performance camshaft with a nice high valve lift and there can be some serious potential for higher upper rev range power output.

The Order Process:

  • This service is based on the customer supplying their exhaust manifold to us. We then port it, aquablast it and return it.
  • Buy the porting service, print out order confirmation, put copy of order confirmation in with the manifold you send to us. We port it and return it to your order address.

Ensure you check for cracks before posting to us as we will port manifolds in the condition you send them in - All responsibility for inspection is yours

Choose COLLECTION at checkout for this service

Contact us for lead-in time