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K04-380 Hybrid K04 Package (Gen2 Chinafold, AET K04-380, V2.2 TIP)**exchange**(SPECIAL ORDER)




Our Newly Developed K04-hybrid, developed with AET Turbos to further push the envelope of small frame k04 hybrids..  Power Range 340-360bhp ** Subject to spec of supporting mods.

Sold by Badger5 as a "Package" to ensure the inlet and exhaust 'match' the turbo.  Smallport Cylinder head is the optimum for K04 framed sized turbos, Not largeports.

On our own Lupo AUM test car, who's mods are IE rods, 2.5" pipework & FMIC, 3.5" downpipe, AEM V2 water meth 80% meth, 3" custom exhaust, N/A Inlet cam, in line DA-31 fuel pump with B5 pnp fittings, Gen2 Chinafold, AET-K04-380 hybrid turbo this setup has produced a stunning 402bhp on our dyno

Tested on other independant dynos the car made a range of 388-409bhp figures.. Simple Stunning for such a small unit.  This was some +30bhp higher than its previous k04 hybrid, bolt on.

***NOTE: This is price is based on exchange turbo unit, non exchange outright purchase carries a £200+vat surcharge. ***

"Special Order" and is non-returnable