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Catcams Vernier Cam Pulley (06A) 1.8t (each)



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Catcams Vernier Adjustable cam belt pulley for 1.8t 06A engines.

Ideal to work with the Catcams we also sell in the shop to dial in the cams to the engine

Cat Cams cam wheels are designed for getting horsepower, not just for looking pretty.
Constructed in top quality 7075 T6 aluminum, the outer wheel is hard anodised for wear resistance.

Furthermore, the nonius system lets you advance or retard your camshaft exactly per 1° over a range of +/- 10 cam degrees for easy and secure dyno testing. Moving the pin (supplied) from hole to hole indexes the pulley 1 cam degree at a time for fast, easy and accurate cam timing adjustment.

** Only 1 x pulley for 20v