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3 Port Mac Valves




Ideal to be used on external wastegate setups, aftermarket ecu's like Ignitron, plumbed as dual port for superior boost control. Just needs 2pin mini timer "male" plug adding to integrate to "oe" n75 wiring plug.

Termination plug available as option on order.

The standard factory boost management relies on a limited and inefficient solenoid. When boost is increased beyond standard levels with the use of aftermarket ECU’s, the standard factory supplied solenoid normally fails to properly maintain boost resulting in spikes, boost drops and unstable pressures. This can not only damage your engine but destroy any potential performance gains you may obtain.
The MAC 3 port valve is a true solenoid. It is rated to hold boost pressures far in excess of levels that any petrol turbocharged engine is ever likely to see.Perfect for electronic boost controllers and compatible with nearly every brand. It features a short stroke solenoid, a balanced poppet, and powerful return spring.  These features translate into high shifting forces, fast consistent response times, and long life.