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Arp cam bolt for 20V (each)



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Product ref : ARP06A02

The timing setup on the 1. 8T engines has always been a concern for high hp and high rpm use. With upgraded valvetrain and higher rpm, there is much more stress on the cam pulley keyway. This added stress can result in catastrophic engine damage, which can lead to bent valves or even destroyed pistons and cylinder heads. With much testing and development,  ARP now offers an aerospace grade cam pulley bolt which allows for a larger clamping force on the cam pulley. This added clamping force will ensure that the joint does not slip, shearing the keyway on the pulley. Using this bolt along with the ARP crank bolt will offer a much stronger timing setup than OEM.


  • Increases clamping force on cam pulley by 10%
  • Reusable
  • Made in USA to tight tolerances
  • Extremely consistent clamping load threads rolled after heat treating
  • Fits all 1. 8T engines

This is an Integrated Engineering exclusive part, made by ARP