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GenV RacePort BOV




RacePort Series

An amazingly small and light BOV for forced induction competition level engines. The Race Port has race-proven results from street, strip and circuit. It features our unique collar design, twin 1/8” NPT pressure ports and internal flow structures. It is 50% lighter and 25% smaller than the competition. At the same time, it is flowing 330 CFM – making it the highest flowing BOV of its type on the market.


  • GenV Raceport 50mm BOV
  • 1/8 NPT Vacuum fittings
  • V-band Assembly
  • Profiled Alloy Weld-On Fitting
  • Blue Spring Rated -18 to -14 InHg (installed).
  • Turbosmart Decal

It should be noted, this product is intended for use with aftermarket ECUs. 

Care should be taken with the positioning of atmospheric dumpvalves, especially when running methanol injection. BOV positioned post injection site can cause methanol to be vented into a hot engine bay.