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Engine Parts

Hurricane, I-Beam, RD, 144mm x 20mm


ACL Race bigend bearings (1.8t) std size


OEM quality std size Big End Bearings


Audi R8 Genuine Red Top Coilpacks (OEM)


1.8T Billet Crankcase Breather


Crank Main Cap Bolts-OE Upgrade Quality - 1.8t (qty 10)06A Block


Genuine Coilpack Adapters, 1.8t 20v , TFSI coilpacks (x 4)


JE Forged Pistons 1.8t - 82.5mm,9.25:1 CR


CP Carrillo Forged Pistons (1.8t)


Main Bearings, std size/spec


SPUTTER KS Big End Bearings (tang, std size 1.8t)


King Race Bigend Bearings (std) 1.8t


King Race Main Bearings (std) 1.8t


ACL Race Main bearings (1.8t) std size


Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valves (standard size) - 3 groove


Supertech Stainless Steel Inlet Valves (standard size 3 groove)


Cat Cam "Gold" Springs - 1.8t


Supertech 18t-Spring Retainer Valvetrain kit


KS Piston Rings (4cyl set 4) - std size, 1.8t


CatCams Performance Camshafts - Badgerspec


Catcams Vernier Cam Pulley (06A) 1.8t (each)


10mm arp head stud kit for 06A 20v engines


Arp 06A main stud kit


Arp cam bolt for 20V (each)


Arp 06A 1.8T 20v crank bolt


1.8T Steel Billet Crank Gear


Std size KS Crank Thrust Washers (4)-1.8t


Fluid Damper - Crank Damper Pulley 1.8t


Headset Elring Standard 1.8t (BAM/AMK/AUM/AGU...)


Elring Headbolts, standard, 1.8t Engine (BAM/AMK/AUM/AGU...)


Cambelt Kit, inc Tensioner Damper


OEM Water Pump 1.8t (06A Block)


Oil Pump (06A) 1.8t OEM


OEM Oil Pump Pickup Pipe (06A) (with o ring)


INA Hydraulic Lifter - Inlet


ARP Stainless Rocker Cover Bolts


Oil Pump Pickup Pipe (06A) (with o ring) - METZGER


Oil Pump Drive Chain OEM


Oil Pump Drive Chain Tensioner OEM


ELRING Bottom end seal set


INA Hydraulic Lifter - Exhaust


King Thrust Bearing


SEM Inlet Manifold (20v )


Baffled Sump for Audi, VW, and SEAT 1.8T Transverse Engines


Oil Pump (06A) 1.8t OEM +25% High Flow


NGK Iridium IX - BKR7EIX sparkplugs (set of 4)


Bosch Lambda Oxygen Sensor (short)


Bosch Lambda Oxygen Sensor (long)


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